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Welcome! We are so glad you are joining us for the season and can't wait to get you started on your journey to becoming a CSA pro.

Its important to us that you feel that you get the maximum benefit out of each week and that nothing goes to waste. Therefore, we put together this members only benefit to nudge you along the right path.


There are a few different series you can explore within the site:

#CSA will get you started out on your CSA journey for the season and give you an overview of how things work and what to expect

#storage will give you tips on how to store your produce for the longest shelf life

#basics are simple cooking skill tutorials if you're looking for new ways to cook your produce or if you need a quick refresher

#formulas will give you some simple guidelines for creating amazing meals no matter what happens to pop up in your box that week

#recipes are delicious and creative ways to use up every last bite! If you have one that you think others might love please email it to me!

#bonus are extra methods that will either help you close the gap on your vegetable's life cycle or a recipe that's a little more unusual


If you're looking for a specific ingredient, go to the Vegetable Academy main page and look for it in the "tags" section.


Again if you're feeling a bit like this:

And want to feel more like this:

Just keep reading up and checking back!

Your Farmer,


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