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Winter Micro CSA

Starting a new farm comes with a bit of a learning curve… getting to know your land and unique microclimates takes time and a season or two. I am continuing to develop new sections of our property, turning what can barely be considered soil into productive, life-giving earth. This August I took what used to be our pretty little potager style garden and turned it into a workhorse market garden. I just began work on the next phase of 5,000 sf that will require yards and yards and yards of compost. So while all of this is going on, promising a full winter CSA isn’t reality… yet.

I truly appreciate all the ongoing support shown by this community, its apparent that we’re on the same wavelength of wanting more options for healthy local food. So, in order to continue providing our community fresh and local produce throughout the winter (arguably when it is needed most... cookie season is coming) we are offering a mini CSA of sorts. This share will provide you with two 4oz containers (completely compostable eco-friendly containers) of microgreens a week. You can choose to have it delivered right to your door or continue to pick up at our weekly farm stand. HOWEVER, we will still be cranking out some certified naturally grown produce (leafy greens, brassicas, roots). So, you’ll also get first dibs on our winter produce and 10% off your veggies, bread and egg add ons.

You’ll also make it onto our list that will be notified first when our Spring shares are going on sale (which is important; they sold out in two weeks last round).

What exactly are Microgreens? Well, they are actually the first true leaf of a young plant, which means all the nutritive benefits of the mature plant are concentrated in a dainty, beautiful, and delicious package. One study had actually found that “microgreens were four- to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature counterparts (J. Agric. Food Chem. 60, 31, 7644-7651)."

They are versatile too! Use them on their own in a salad, to add a punch of flavor to a main dish, or throw them in a smoothie. They’re perfect for the lazy-healthy chef (me…) just give them a quick rinse and throw them in your dish. No prep, no cleanup, just veggies.

They are pretty cool little things:

You’ll get to taste the nutty goodness of sunflower shoots

The crisp notes of spring in our pea shoots

The spicy kick of radish micros

The earthy sweetness of red bull beets and much more all in a compact, nutrient loaded package.

SO, if you're interest I recommend signing up ASAP.

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