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If you made it here that means you share our passion for amazing organic food. By supporting our small local farm you are making that option a reality for our entire community. This is truly a labor of love and we so appreciate you coming along for the ride.

The Rosebird Gardens CSA is a subscription program where members commit up front for the season and receive a weekly distribution of fresh, locally grown veggies and fruit. By investing in our farm each year, members help ensure the ongoing presence of their local farm in the community, and become connected with their food and the people who grow it. We were able to start farming full time in 2019 because of our members' investment in our CSA.

Farming is risky business, and CSA Members' direct investment in sustainable agriculture helps guarantee the presence of small, diversified family farms in our community.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

(928) 235-8950

CSA: Inner_about


  • Get access to the highest quality vegetables

  • Try new foods and learn how to cook with them

  • Develop relationships with your farmers

  • Expand your community

  • Support your local economy

  • Reduce your carbon and chemical footprint

  • Diversify your diet and eat the freshest food possible!


Our Farm Becomes Yours

Members receive the freshest possible CNG foods produced directly from our farm, 2.5 miles from Downtown Kingman 

This provides you with the unique opportunity to understand exactly what went into the production of the food you consume: where the seed came from, who planted it, how it was irrigated, who weeded it, harvested it, washed it and delivered it to you! Throughout the season we supplement our boxes with produce from regional organic farms to supply you with the best tasting home grown food in town. We promise to be transparent about exactly where your food is coming from.



We are excited to announce partnerships with several other local farms and makers. Freshly baked bread, grass fed beef, and pasture raised eggs are just a few of the options you can add to your weekly box.

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